Ben and Gwen get reacquainted – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Are you all right asked Max as he arrived at the table. Looking at Gwen who was looking like she did something she did not mean. She was holding her breath, hands over her nose and mouth and eye wide with tears poulling in the corners.
Ben was wimpering with hand in his groin. His eye were forced closed with pain etched on his face.
Max looked at Gwen. She turned red as a crab and quickly got up from the table heading for the toilet and say she had to have a pee.
Max went to the freezer opened it and got a blast of heat in his face, whited showed not just sup prise but frustration as well. All he could do was utter a “FUCK” under his as her returned to Ben. Sorry Ben the Freezer is on the blink again no ice pack for your balls. How are you doing you all right?
Ben took a deep breath held it for a moment and with a sigh exhausted the breath. Rubbing his ball gently he look up a Max and smiled with a devilish grin and said in a wiser “ Yea Gwen got me but only just” it harts a little bit but the rest was just to make her feel bad. I just made it look like a king hit, serves her right for doing it in the first place.
Why would you do a thing like that Ben?
Honest Grandpa but Gwen just rubes me up the wrong way some times. I wish she wouldn’t.
Ben it sounds like you really like your cousin? Would you like to be closer to her? Well as you Mom and Aunt thought and they were the one’s who arranged this summer for you two. They are hoping you and Gwen will bond this trip. So do try to get along will you.
I’ll try if she will. Can I tell you a secret Grandpa? I think I do really love Gwen.
At that Max got up saying right you u stay here and I’ll have a talk to Gwen. Moving to the toilet and opened the door a crack and snuck a glance at Gwen. She was on the toilet with her pants around her ankles and her lags spread wide. He could see she had her thumb in deep massaging her vaginal hole and he could see her middle finger doing the same to her asshole. Max was turned on as see this and his dick started to store. Gwen’s cunt lips were all slimy with cunt juices along with her thumb and a trickle running down the back of her hand with a touch of shit on the middle finger.
Max said quietly as he slowly moved his head past the doorway so as not to disturb Gwen to badly. Gwen looked up at Max with tears in her eye’s and running down her cheek past her mouth and forming a drop on her chin before it went into free fall. Gwen are you all right? Or are your feelings just bruised a bit like Ben’s balls.
Why does he have to be so mean to me Grandpa? I really love Ben you know I just want to hug him and play with him and be with him.
Well said Max you both are acting like children. This summer was a conspiracy between your mothers so you would learn to get along. So fare all you’ve done is fight. So when you have stopped crying and pulled your thumb and middle fingers out of your holes you need to clean yourself up and start over with Ben. A good place to start is with a sorry about the kick in the nuts. I really do think Ben feels the same way about you he just don’t know how to express himself. So don’t anti pate what he may say ask him up front. You may be surprised at what the answer will be. It’s another half hour drive till we get to the camp grounds. Should be enough time for you two to make up. Max just look at Gwen’s naked cunt with her thumb jammed as far up it as it would go. Looking back into Gwen’s face smiled and slipped out of the toilet. Max paused thinking of how luscious Gwen’s cunt looked all glossy with juice and sweetness without the faintest hint of a hair yet. He was quite amazed at the size of her clit as well it was really swollen. At that Max just has to give his cock a rub as it had started to swell and he was just getting horney.
As soon as Grandpa had closed the door Gwen realised where her hand was. She blushed a little had hopped Grandpa may not have noticed she was masterbateing she was so upset she didn’t really know what she was doing. She would rather have Ben cock up her cunt and asshole then her fingers. Gwen sniffled and sighed started to think about Ben. With that she just start pounding her holes really fast and hard until as last release and a gush of juices from the depth of her young sex. Not just a physical release but it help emotionally so she stopped crying. Though as soon as she removed her fingers there was a sudden release of piss and shit which made her feel like all was well with the world. With that she cleaned herself up and peaked out of the toilet. Grandpa was talking to Ben who look happy now. She left the toilet and sat down looking rather timid.
You’ve got about a half and hour before we get to the state park where we are staying tonight. So, no more fighting. Kiss and make up for my sake. Max got into the driver seat glancing back at Gwen. Thinking how much he’d like to put his dick up her ass a least and give her a spunk enema. Groening for the strain in his nuts he but the rust bucket in gear and took off leaving Ben and Gwen to sort things out, hopefully.
Ben had a twinge in his balls seeing Gwen sitting where she had throne the kick from, he place both hands over his balls leaving his dick exposed, it was just to big for him to protect as well. You’re not going to kick me again are you Gwen?
No. At least as long you don’t make me. Mom said it was really big so it wouldn’t be hard to target anyway.
Hay it’s bigger then you ever had.
You forget I’ve had it.
That wasn’t even with my cock half pump up. Your Mom squeezed so hard it made it easy for her to shove about a quarter of it up your cunt and pop your cherry. She didn’t even let me cum in you. She finished me of with a head job. If you got the real thing you’d pass out in an orgasm or turn you into a screamer like your Mom.
Gwen looked at Ben sup prised saying Mom’s a screamer. I don’t believe you, really?
Yea and my Mom cum’s like a rocket. It takes her five minutes to stop shaking she cums so hart.
Gwen, at that just went into another sulk crossing her arms under where her tits would be one day. Her nipples showed through her T-shirt to Ben’s surprise it was such a warm day. I bet I could give her a really good purple nurple now. No I promised Grandpa I’d get along.
OK Gwen what’s wrong now? What did I say to upset you this time.
Gwen looked at her cousin mustered up the courage to say what she really wanted to say.
Ben, after a long pause, Ben I’m jealous.
What have you got to be jealous of and who are you jealous of and why take it out on me.
I’m jealous of my Mom and your Mom fucking you. I’m jealous of you fucking any girl but Me. I want you to myself. I don’t want you to fuck anyone else. Just me and only me. I don’t want to shire your cock with any other cunt but mine. You popped my cherry and I own your cock and you. At least till I get tired of you and your cock.

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