Breeding Season – Chapter 3

Max couldn’t believe his ears at what his grand children had just told him. Although he knew he wasn’t going to be able to take the children up on their proposal. “It is a tantalizing offer kids but I can’t, it…well isn’t going to help things for me.” In fact it would only undo years of therapy he had to endure. “Anyway, what I can do for you is give you the time you need to have your fun.” He smiled knowing this would indeed lift their spirits.

Ben and Gwen were hopping at that news. Gwen spoke up immediately, “Think we could have some today?”

Max wasn’t surprised too much at Gwen’s request. “I think I can spare some time, how much time do you need?”

Gwen and Ben looked at each other and started whispering, then Ben turned and said “Two hours?”

Max looked at his watch and thought about it, there was a village a small distance away perhaps he could go there. That would surely be at least two hours worth. “Ok I think I can go for a walk, that should give you that amount of time.”

“Great!” Ben said, with Gwen bouncing up and down.

“Ok, I’ll give you two hours then I’ll start walking back, so please try to be done by then.” He smiled knowing that they probably would be for sure. He got up and did a few things got his wallet and made sure he had some money. He also did one other thing and grinned at the thought. Then he left leaving his grand kids alone for a time.

Gwen was up and moving fast for her bunk, in a small suitcase sat the object of Ben’s desire. She opened the lid and laying on top was the green sleek swimsuit. She quickly grabbed it and got down. She turned to Ben, &ldq quo;Ready to have fun.”

Ben smiled, “Hell yes!”

Gwen stripped in what had to be record time and began to slip on the tight fabric that made up the swim suit. When she had it up around her shoulders she addressed Ben, “Help zip me up, it’s a lot easier.”

Ben grabbed the zipper and gently pulled it up closing the gap in the back of the suit. In a moment Gwen turned around, Ben looked her up and down. “Ooh now that’s what I like.” He smiled and rolled his tongue over his lips.

Gwen struck a pose, “I meet with your approval?” She grinned.

“Oh yeah you slick little minx.” He noticed that Gwen was wet between the legs. “Seems you’re ready Gwen.” He pointed to her crotch.

Gwen looked down and ran her hand between her thighs, “Oh yeah, as soon as Grandpa said he was going to let us have some time I got royally turned on.”

“I can see that.”

Ben moved in close to Gwen and put his hand between her legs and began to rub, easily finding her folds and caressing them. She began to move in rhythm to Bens strokes and Ben smiled. “Feels good?” He asked softly.

Gwen moaned, “Yeah Ben feels really good, keep rubbing me.”

Ben wanted Gwen to cum in her suit before they began so he knelt in front of her and placed his tongue on Gwen’s sex.

Gwen gasped as to what Ben was doing. “Ben, Oh…that’s fantastic, keep doing that.”

Ben stopped his assault on Gwen, “Like that huh?” Ben said looking up at his cousin.

“Oh yeah, I’m almost there.” Gwen said panting.

“Good that’s what I want.” Ben resumed licking and sucking on Gwen’s sex, he could feel her legs shaking. She was pushing her pelvis into him all the while moaning to his attack. She was wet and getting wetter as he licked. He knew she was close very close, then it happened. Her thighs clamped on his head and she screamed a high pitch squeal, “jackpot” he thought.

“OH GOD BEN!!!! Uhnnnnnn that feels so fucking good!” Gwen yelled.

Ben stopped and stood up, looking at his panting cousin. “Well, that’s a good start.” Ben said grinning.

Gwen took a breath then grabbed Ben’s crotch, she could feel his erection through his jeans. “Seems you are ready as well for some action.” She grinned.

Ben jerked when Gwen grabbed his crotch, “Oh…” He cried out.

Gwen smiled, “Oh yeah, you’re ready.”

They moved back to the rear of the mobile home and settled into the lower bunk that was Ben’s. They laid there for a moment then Ben spoke.“Gwen…you sure you really want to do this, we can stop if you want. I won’t be disappointed if you have changed your mind.” He had promised his dad and now he had asked.

Gwen smiled a big smile, “Ben I respect what you are doing.” She stroked his face, “I want this and I know you do to.” She felt the heat coming off of him.

“But if you get pregnant.”

She put a finger to his lips, “I’m on the pill and if I do get pregnant we’ll worry about that if it happens.” She paused and then put her hand down Ben’s pants. “Now lets get that big piece of machinery out and working…shall we.” She could feel it, a hard stiff rod ready for action.

“All right!!” Ben said, unbuckling his belt and stripping down.

Gwen smiled and began to rub herself and spread her legs awaiting Bens cock. The tight suit rubbed her cunt every time she moved; it was that tight. She had hoped it would do something like this, but to her surprise it was more than she ever dreamed. She knew what she was going to do next and that was to get one just like this only in red for her lover. She kept an eye on Ben, she could see he was very eager to get going.

Ben thought to himself it was a hoot to do Gwen as an Alien but a lot of his aliens were to big to entertain Gwen. He thought about Greymatter and had a very nasty idea for him but not for tonight; then it hit him. “Gwen I have a cool idea!” He announced.

Gwen watched as Ben turned the dial on the Omnitrix and pushed down the plunger. There was a flash of light and Gwen shielded her eyes. In a moment her eyes adjusted to the room again and to her surprise in front of her was a small alien. She had seen this one before but not very often, “Ditto?”

“Hey Gwen, thought we might make this a three some.” Ben said as Ditto and grinned.

Gwen wasn’t totally sure about that, “Ben I…” She didn’t get the chance to say much more as Ben began to kiss her as Ditto and then split off into another version. That one she felt licking her pussy through the suit; which was leaking like a sieve. “Ohhh Ben!” Gwen was loving every minute of this, “I never thought having two of you.” Gwen said between kisses.

“Oh that’s nothing, Ben sudden split again now there was three of him. “Now we can really get this party started.” They all said at once.

At the sight of another Ditto Gwen began to get worried, she wasn’t really sure she could handle three of them; she felt totally outnumbered. She looked Ditto up and down and in this light she could plainly see that Ditto was not so well endowed but its penis was oval which was different. She thought it still would feel good inside her. She smiled this would be fun.

It took Ben and Gwen a few minutes to get into comfortable position where all three Ditto’s could access her. She was laying on her side with one Ditto in front and another in back. The third was near her head and Gwen could see each of them was very ready for a good fuck.

“Uhm…ready Ben.”

“Oh yeah!” They said simultaneously, Gwen’s sex was hardly covered by the silky material and would be easily exposed when they pushed it aside. Her suit was slick with her natural lubricant and was ready to be penetrated.

“Gwen use your spell.” Ben said.

“Oh…oh right sorry forgot about that in all the excitement.” Gwen placed her hand on her abdomen. “Expelioustous.” She glowed for a second then the aura dispersed. “There done!” Gwen exclaimed happily.

As Gwen recited her spell Ben had a nasty idea, “Gwen use your spell on me.”

“What Ben?”

“Just do it, please.” He said asking as ditto.

“Ok but I’m not sure what you are up to.” She put her hand on his abdomen and recited the spell once more. In a moment she saw her cousin take a deep breath and then split once more. “Ben?” Gwen said confused, she was unsure she could handle three ditto’s but four?

Ditto just grinned, “Don’t worry Gwen.”

“I can’t believe you want to do this.” Said the new Ditto that had just been created.

“If Gwen can enjoy it we can too.” Ben said as Ditto.

Gwen was totally confused, “What are you two talking about?”

“Anal sex!” All the Ditto’s said simultaneously.

Gwen was shocked, “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh yeah, totally, when I cum inside you I’ll be doing it to one of my selves.”

“Bens that’s…that’s really kinky.”

“Yeah it is.” He smiled a wicked grin then said, “Let’s fuck!”

Gwen was ready her cunt ached for a cock, even her ass quivered with excitement, she wanted to be fucked. “Fuck me Ben I want it now.”

Ben said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

Gwen took the penis of the Ditto closest to her in her mouth; its smooth oval shape was small but felt good. She could hear Ben moan as she used her tongue across the tip of his soft member. Then she felt her swimsuit being pushed aside, it was her time. Ditto’s finger entered her cunt and she gasped, it was thick and opened her wide. It felt wonderful and she bucked her hips hoping to get more of it inside her.

Ditto’s finger was soft and easily pushed in and out of his cousin, gathering her natural lubricants for what was about to happen next.

She felt Ditto’s finger withdraw leading to her sighing, then she felt it enter her ass and she screamed out with joy. She really had wanted something up there for awhile and now she had it. It was a wonderful feeling of being full and she wanted more. “Fuck my ass Ben!!!” She screamed.

Ben knew he had hit the right button on Gwen when he had entered her ass, she was an anal slut and with that he and another Ditto moved in on her. Gwen was good and wet in both holes and now she was going to get it but first there was one other bit of business. He told the last Ditto to come and gather some of Gwen’s cunt juice, he decided that it was to be him who was to take it up the ass. “You know what to do.” He said to himself.

“Ok, just again you sure about this.” The newest Ditto said.

“Yeah.” Said Ditto Ben, who really was in fact all of them, at least a piece of them.

Before Ben was to enter Gwen’s quivering pussy he wanted his clones cock up his ass so he had a permanent hard on. In a moment he felt the latest Ditto probing his ass getting it lubed up. At this his member began to get really hard and ready to fuck Gwen.

“Ben what the FUCK are you waiting for; FUCK ME ALREADY!!!!” Gwen screamed.

In a moment Ben felt the strangest thing he had ever felt as Ditto pushed his way into him, it took him a couple of tries for he couldn’t relax enough and then it was in.

“HOLY FUCK!!!” Ben as Ditto’s screamed.

“That is so fucking weird.” They all said simultaneously.

“BEN?” Gwen questioned.

“I have a cock up my ass Gwen.” Ben said.

“We all do!” Said all the Dittos after.

Gwen was a bit surprised, “You are all feeling it?”

“Yeah it feels mighty weird.” They said.

Then Gwen got a wicked grin over her face, “Then you’ll love this!” She took the closest Ditto’s cock in her mouth and began to suck with earnest. All of the Ditto’s screamed out.

The feelings that Ben was getting was incredible, he could feel Gwen sucking on his cock and he could also feel the cock up his ass as well, this was fucking fantastic. He couldn’t believe also how hard he was; it was now time to give Gwen a good fucking. With that he nodded to the other Ditto beside him and they drove their cocks deep into Gwen’s awaiting holes.

Gwen felt them enter together which drove her over the edge and to her first orgasm, she screamed “OH MY GOD!!!! FUCK YEAH! POUND ME BEN!!” To which the Dittos began to fuck her with earnest, pounding her as hard as they could. Now they really couldn’t penetrate very deep but they were stretching her pretty good, it was a good thing she thought that she was so well lubricated.

The one Ben put in charge of his anal reaming decided it was time to begin fucking himself in earnest as well. Since he and all the Ditto’s could feel the strange invader inside his ass. So he began thrusting into what was his own body and enjoying every minute of it.

Gwen was loving all the attention and all the sensations she was feeling. Her ass had relaxed enough to allow for really easy penetration. She could feel each of the Ditto’s cocks rubbing up against each other inside her and this made her squirm. Her only wish was that Ditto was more… well endowed but still she was satisfied with having multiple points of pure pleasure. She resumed her sucking on Ditto’s dick all the while another Ditto played with her erect nipples. It was all wondrous, then she felt a tremor in her pelvis; she was going to cum. This felt all together different from the last time, her whole body was a tremor; she felt like she had a pressure inside her; it was like she wanted to pee but more intense. “I’M CUMMMING!!!!” Gwen screamed and cum she did; something very different than any other orgasm. Out of her cunt and ass sprang what looked like upgrade!

The fluid spread over the Ditto’s and then moved over her body faster than anything she had ever seen, all the while her pelvis thrust up trying more and more to release this inner beast. “FUCK!!! FUCK!!!” Gwen screamed as her body went into an orgasm frenzy. She couldn’t control herself, she was out of control, she screamed; “AAAAArrgggghhh.” As more and more of the liquid creature poured out of her, in moments they were all covered; then all was quiet.

Grandpa Max returned a little later than he had said, he wanted to let the kids have a good time. He listened at the RV’s door but heard nothing. He thought it was safe to speak aloud. “Is everyone decent in there?” There was no response.

This was unusual, then again letting his grand kids fuck was totally out in left field. He opened the door and moved in, at first he saw nothing out of the ordinary. Then he went to the back where he thought they would be doing the deed. He gasped at what he saw. Ben was lying on Gwen in her swimsuit both of which were unconscious but that’s not what had him totally bewildered. Around them is what had him concerned, he counted and came up with four…four copies of Gwen!

End of Chapter 3

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