Ben 10 – Sex adventures: Ben & Gwen & Grandpa Part 11

Hello, I’m back :)! I hope you missed me much. Thanks for all the feedback for part 10. And here’s Part 11!!

Reminding you of Part 10:
Our heros have been sucked into a black hole with fire around it, which Charmcaster thinks that there should be electricity instead of fire, so it’s the wrong hole!
Max: Who are you Coward? Show yourself!
Unknown Voice: Would you really like to know who I am?
Max: Yeah!

Part 11:

Max: Yeah! Show yourself! Why are you hiding?
Unknown Voice: Hmph, I’ve been thinking about it, why don’t we make a deal?
– (hmm..)
– I’ll be nice so it wouldn’t have to be bad, how about you show me your hot mate in action?
– Say what?
– Common, give it to her.
– F-Fuck her, you mean?
– Duh!
– Look I don’t have time for your nonsense! Just reveal yourself.
– Listen to my voice, I’m hungry for masturbation for years, and I couldn’t access the internet, and I need the help of some sex method to give me a boner in this dimension, and that’s the only way I’ll cum and be set free; in other words, free me, & I’ll consider freeing you.
– Well, if you have been stuck out here, and couldn’t free yourself, how can I be sure that you’ll free us?
– It’s all very simple, the items I have achieved wandering here all by myself, there were ones to free people, however, the way I have to free you will expire in the next 6 hours. And you have been here for two hours, so I don’t think you want to waste anymore time.
– Grr.. Fine.
– The only way for me to be set free is to see or watch or have sex, and cum. Help me & I’ll help you.
– *sigh* Listen, , why can we get a boner and can’t you?
– Your dicks will also no longer function without sex method of someone else’s, feel free to waste time. The longer we talk the more moments we are wasting. I will reveal myself after I cum, I promise that!
– Alright, alright… Jeez.. Get off of my back… Charmcaster… I don’t think we have much of a choice.
Charmcaster: I agree… Maybe it’s time we gave him what he wants.
Max: I guess so.
Charmcaster’s looked at her man blushing, kissing him passionately. Max started touching her cunt nice and slow, the faster he moved the wetter it got.
Charmcaster started moaning: uhh.. *biting her lips* R-right there…

Back to Ben & Gwen just for a little while :)
Ben: Ready Gwen?
Gwen: G-get it in!
Ben started putting his Boner in her cute ass.
Ben: Ughh.. Gwen You’re so tight!!
Gwen: Uhh.. So big Ben!
– Almost there…
– UHHHH!!!!!
– I-I’m in! :) You like that?
– (in a low voice): yeah…
Ben started fucking her asshole quickly
Gwen: Ohh Fuck!!.. Ben! You’re so Big! uhh.. Umm.. Mm.. Yea.. Uh, uh.. That’s it.. Go on fuck me.. Ben!!
Ben: Oh you slut.. Going Faster!!!
– Stop it!! Uhhh!!! No.. I mean don’t stop!! Until I cum..!!! Please.. Uhh.. Yeah… More!! I’m.. I’m going to CUUM!!!
Ben: Meh Too!!
The Both came, and Ben’s Cum filled Gwen’s hole.
Surprisingly Enough, Ben’s Cock was still hard!!!!
Gwen: Oh Wow… It looks like you’re still hard! That’s amazing!
Ben: G-Gwen. if you had enough.. It’s totally Okay with me…
Gwen: Oh No! We’re not done until I make you completely happy.

Back To Max & Charmcaster.

Max: *started to push inside with his two fingers *
Charmcaster: Ohh Yes!! Don’t stop! uh, Right there! You do it perfectly!
Grandpa Max continued to push inside, until..
Charmcaster: That’s enough, I think we’re ready to take it to the next level don’t you? She said Excitedly.
Charmcaster touched his fully erect penis gently and rubbed it, started licking it from the top to the bottom, licking it so nicely that Max couldn’t stand not saying anything…
Max: Charmcaster! That’s it suck it you dirty slut… Do it 😀 !!!
Max held her head and started to push her mouth inside his dick, to get her deepthroat him..
Max: Yeahh.. You’re good at this.. Keep it Up!
The more Charmcaster sucked Max, The more The Unknown Man’s Dick’s Erect Got. He started to rub it nicely, watching the hot couple having sex.
Charmcaster thinks: Wow That Unknown Man sure has a big dick!
Charmcaster: Max.. Please.. I’m really horny.. Could you?
Max: Fuck Yeah!
Unknown Voice: Wait.. As I can Hardly wait for this, I would like to reveal my true face now.
The Unknown Man removed his mask and it was…
Max: Kevin!?
Charmcaster: Well.. If you think about it, it actually makes sense to me.. Just look at that dick, they don’t call him Keven Eleven for Nothing!
Kevin: So, Charmcaster, would you like ME to fuck your horny cunt?
Charmcaster: …..

I hope you all Liked it! I worked hard on this one. Feedback in the comments (& ratings) really helps, please comment I just want to know if I’m wasting my time or you guys are actually enjoying this! :)
Part 12 to cum soon! Be sure to tell all your friends, or anyone who would like to see some of my porn stories. :)
Thanks for reading and have a Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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    next year i will definately call u when i get my phone

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    • ashley says:

      oh boy u hate your bro and sis. gto its very bad that u dont like your sibling. my siblings are everything to me

      • GTO says:

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  8. GTO says:

    Il always be there for you baby and im very good at guitar i got a cuzin that is excelent at drums and anononymous14 is a good bass player so you have supporters

  9. anonymous 14 says:

    Yup I am a good bass player

  10. Kitty Olsen says:

    hi, im back

  11. ashley says:

    wow thats great who’s your favourite singer

  12. ashley says:

    good to see u kitty

  13. ashley says:

    wow selena i like her too and yours gto

  14. GTO says:

    Im not really into new music im into 70s and 80s bands such as AC/DC, DIO,Sammy hagar almost all of them and im also a prety good vocalist

  15. GTO says:

    Ashley can you call from a home phone or something

  16. ashley says:

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